Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch group covering all of Waterside was launched at the OWRA AGM in June 2017.

The main aims of Neighbourhood Watch are to:

  • Reduce opportunities for crime and make it more difficult for the would-be thief, vandal or criminal to act.

  • Build a community spirit so that you and all your neighbours can work together to benefit everyone.

  • Tell the police and your co-ordinator about any suspicious incidents in your neighbourhood.

Our coordinator, Allison Hood, has volunteered to be the main point of contact for the scheme and receives information from the police if there is a perceived increased risk from criminal activity in Waterside.  This information is passed onto Watersiders through the Facebook page.

We've seen a drop in the number of opportunistic crimes within Waterside as of late, which is a very welcome change.  The community on Facebook has helped enable this with neighbours being in close contact about any suspicious activity, and sharing tips to curtail crime.  A recent example was the activity seen with in a drugs-related car parked on Plater Drive, which Watersiders were tracking in real time on the closed Waterside Facebook group.  If it's happening in Waterside, we'll be talking about it on Facebook!  Thank you to all who contribute important info and tips here.

Note that the name of the group on Facebook is called 'Oxford Waterside'.  It is a closed group and thus anyone wishing to join must make a request.  For anyone not on Facebook, please get in touch with Allison Hood.

Another security-related note is that the Management Company has installed lockable gates onto back alleys, thus deterring entry to those areas.

Any resident wishing to join should contact Allison Hood, our coordinator, through the form below

Thanks! Message sent.