Electric Vehicle Charging on Waterside

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CLICK HERE to read the FULL Special Interest Group's notes on installing an electric charger  for your vehicle

Prompted by Oxford’s plans to extend restrictions on fossil fuel driven vehicles over time in pursuit of their Low Emission Zone policy many of you will be thinking about how to install charge points for electric vehicles. The Oxford Waterside Management Company set up a Group to look at how we might support our residents and owners to install this important infrastructure whilst guarding the streetscape and of course ensuring safety on OWMC land.  
As it stands currently some EV owners are having to trail leads (in suitable trip guards) across paths and that can’t be a long-term solution.  Neither is it acceptable for each property to put in a charge point without consideration or collaboration with their neighbours.  But we don’t want to put up barriers to getting this done – we want to help every house in Waterside to get access to what we think will soon be seen as key for any property, just like good internet service has become vital!
Each area of Waterside has its own layout and its own challenges.  Broadly, the estate divides into:
1.    Those who have a garage or parking space next to a house/flat wall
2.    Those who have a nearby parking space separated from their residence by pathways or land owned by the Management Company. E.g. Merton Court, Rutherway
3.    Those who have a nearby parking space separated from residence by council adopted pathways e.g. Plater Drive (in part)
4.    Those who do not have their car parking space proximate to their residence.  E.g. Churchill Court

We will be organising some virtual meetings for everyone interested but if you are imminently ordering an EV please do get in touch – the ‘free’ installation offered with most vehicles does not include these structures and you need to think about where the point will go – firms like BP ChargeMaster will want to put it on the wall of your property, which is fine if you are in Group 1, but for any of the other groups leaves other issues to be addressed.

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