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  • What changes to my house and garden do I have to ask the Management Company for permission to carry out?
    The developers, Berkeley Homes, had a set of covenants drawn up to protect the estate which it is the duty of the Management Company to uphold. The covenants state that 'No external alterations or garage, garden shed, outbuilding, extension or temporary building including a conservatory, other than a small garden shed or greenhouse shall be erected without the consent of the Transferor' (which is OWMC).
  • What size shed can I have in my garden?
    OWMC have defined a small shed as being anything less than 12 square metres and less than 2.3 metres high
  • Can I park a caravan or campervan on my designated parking space?
    Yes, but you cannot live in it.
  • Why is an 'HMO' not allowed on Waterside, and what is it?"
    HMO means 'House in multiple occupation'. These are not permitted on the Waterside estate (even with a license) due to covenants which all Waterside owners/shareholders commit to when buying a property on Waterside. "The property shall not be used for any purpose than as one private dwelling house in the occupation of one household only"
  • What should I do if someone parks in a Residents' Visitors space for more than 12 hours or does not appear to be a genuine visitor.
    Please contact the Managing Agent with details of the vehicle (see OWMC Board), or download a notice to place on their windscreen (see Parking section).
  • What areas in front of my house am I responsible for maintaining?
    The area between your property and the pathway. There is a map outlining the areas under OWMC control in the 'maps' section of the website.
  • Can I repaint my external paintwork in any colour I like?
    Yes - any colour.
  • Can I dig up the overgrown hedge in my front garden?
    Yes, if it is between your property and the path/road. If it is beyond the path please ask using the link under 'grounds'.
  • Which paved paths am I responsible for maintaining?
    You are resoponsible for the paths within your property boundary. If you spot any problems in the communally owned paths contact the managing agent (see OWMC Board).
  • How do I add a question to this list?
    email and we will try to get an answer for you
  • If I find rats in my garden who is responsible?
    Talk to your neighbours so you can identify who shares the problem. The individual householder should contact Oxford City Council. The council will treat for rats or mice in domestic properties, there is a charge for their services.
  • There are not enough bike racks near my home, how do we get more?"
    Contact Katie at Breckon& Breckon
  • There are abandonned bikes on my local bike rack, how do I get them removed?"
    Contact Katie at Breckon & Breckon
  • Can I have a party in Merrivale Square?
    Merrivale Square is for your enjoyment and use. You are welcome to have a party provided it does not cause a nuisance and you clear up at a reasonable hour. You may not have sole use of the Square.
  • Can estate agents put For Sale/Let signs on Management Company land?
    No, boards can only be erected on your own property.
  • What is the Oxford Waterside Management Company (OWMC)
    OWMC was set up by Berkeley Homes when the estate was built. The Directors of the company are a group of shareholders elected by the shareholders at the AGM to uphold the covenants and look after the common areas of land owned by the company.
  • What areas are the OWMC responsible for?
    OWMC manage the following: All grounds beyond the footpath/roadway outside your front door. This includes Merrivale Square, Merton Court and Balliol Court. All off-road parking areas, car park lights and signage, bike racks and grounds. OWMC also look after all boundary walls that do not back onto an individual property. For a map of the development look in the 'maps' section.
  • Who should I contact if we have a problem with an area OWMC look after?
    Please contact our managing agent, Katie at Breckon and Breckon. 01865 727272
  • Are you aware of any future plans to increase either the frequency or speed of the train services that pass by Waterside?
    There is a longer term plan to connect the rail line to Bedford and eventually Cambridge and that there will be more passenger trains (not known how many) at this stage. The timescale for this is uncertain but probably in the next 5-10 years. We are told by NR that in the future there will be fewer, but longer, freight trains. There are many uncertainties and NR does not always give us consistent messages. The other factor to consider is whether or not the trains will get quieter: electrification is probably some way off in the future, but replacement diesel trains are quieter than the old ones.
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