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Parking on Waterside

Resident's Parking
Almost all properties have only one allocated parking space, which may be an off-road space or a garage.  Planning permission for the development was granted on this basis, to restrict car ownership and traffic.  If you are a tenant, your landlord or letting agent should have made it clear which space is yours.  Please park with consideration for your neighbours by only occupying your own space.  You may not park in someone else’s space.

Visitor Spaces
Please make sure your visitors park in an appropriate space. There are three types of potential parking spots:
1.    A few off-road parking spaces marked "Residents' Visitors", these can be used for no more than 12 hours in 24 by residents or their visitors, and are not intended for long term parking (particularly second cars!) as this would seriously inconvenience your neighbours. These off-road spaces are under the control of the Management Company and subject to restrictive covenants forming part of the house purchase contract. If you are concerned that someone parks in a 'Resident's Visitor' for more than 12 hours or does not appear to be a genuine visitor then you can contact the managing agent with vehicle details or/and download a notice to place (not stick) on the windscreen.
2.    On-road parking, restricted to ‘Permit Holders Only’. This is controlled by Oxford City Council and regularly patrolled by traffic wardens. There are no resident permits for these bays, but you can freely obtain 25x 24hour permits annually by applying to the Oxford County Council website, with evidence of residency.  Satisfactory proof is a current fully signed, termed tenancy agreement, council tax bill, bank or credit card statement or a utility bill issued within the last 3 months addressed to the applicant at the address. An additional 25 permits can be purchased every 6 months.
3.    Some inset bays in Plater Drive are currently unrestricted (marked with a faded blue P), which may be used by anyone with no restriction


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