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Your Home - some useful learnings

The Waterside estate was built by Berkeley Homes between 1996 and 1999. It is composed of 199 properties located on a former industrial site between the canal and railway line.

As their first venture in this area, Berkeley Homes were keen to create a development that echoed the style of the Victorian suburb across the canal. To this end they designed the homes as brick terraces and crescents, with sash windows, high ceilings, dado rails, coving and Victorian style fixtures and fittings, set in generous landscaped grounds with a central square.

In 20 years the estate has seen a lot of improvements by owners, and we have learnt a lot about the design and construction. Constructed before 2000 when new building regulations required more energy efficient homes, there are deficiencies by modern standards:

Insulation in lofts was half what is expected now,.

Walls have a couple of polystyrene sheets in the cavity,

Windows have narrow gaps between the double glazing.

External vertical walls in the roof space are single breeze block and have minimal insulation on the external face.

In 2014/15 the Canalside Environment Group conducted surveys using thermal imaging cameras to help homeowners to improve their energy consumption. Several Waterside homes were audited and general advice was summarised for others to use.

Additional advice was given on homes with a dormer window interrupting the roof line.

If you have some useful information for other please let us know!

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